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Sheryl Nosan is a dynamic and fabulous teacher. I had the privilege of co-teaching our congregations two 10th grade confirmation classes. Not only was she always thoroughly prepared with solid curriculum with text and relevancy, but she had a strong connection with the teens. Teens responded to her and loved her style and her honesty. There was an easy exchange back and forth.  Text comes to life with Rabbi Nosan.   As a colleague in Sacramento, we also shared Rosh Chodesh programming where each of rabbis would teach workshops on text. Rabbi Nosan’s groups were always filled with intensity and joy. I highly recommend her for work with Jewish teens. Her spirit of collaboration, preparation, commitment and love of young people make her an excellent educator and rabbi.

– Rabbi N. Wechsler-Azen, Congregation Beth Shalom, California

Cledwyn S. (Bach. Ed) describes Rabbi Sheryl as a “talented and dedicated teacher and reflects that “Rabbi Sheryl brings to the classroom a unique learning experience.  Her broad knowledge of material and ability to deliver content is  highly regarded.”

Her JSA Text Study Handscurrent principal describes her as “a skilled teacher with a passion for the Hebrew language and culture. I find you an engaging, energetic and innovative language educator who is able to relate to and encourage children of all ages as well as adults in their …learning” (Steve H).

High School Students Learn From Rabbi Sheryl at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

High School Students Learn From Rabbi Sheryl at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

From a fellow General Studies Teacher following joint field trip:

Shalom Sheryl.  Thanks again for an excellent excursion on Friday! The visit to the gallery was very worthwhile. It was a super opportunity for boys and girls of all ages to have fun while being attentive and interested in the activity and tasks you’d set them. We’ll put a number of photos in this week’s newsletter to positively showcase the excursion. Thanks for your effort in preparing the investigative task – it kept them engaged and thinking the whole time.  Jeremy N.

Middle School Students Explore Torah

Middle School Students Explore Torah

Encouraging messages from the Principal:

Good afternoon Sheryl.  Sounds like a good plan…of you spending a lesson with the 11-12 class as I think that many of them would be quite interested… They have been looking at the book of Jonah recently so if you wanted to do something based on that it would be great.  I agree with spending time on the other things as well – good ideas, as I expect from you!  Thanks, Steve

Feedback from Classroom Observation:

Hi Sheryl.  I was impressed with your energy, creativity and mastery of the subject and associated pedagogical methods.  Well done. Getting down to eye level with “K”  worked really well – he is a bit reluctant to participate and perhaps should be drawn in to the group a bit more. 

Feedback on quizzes from last week – modified lesson today to remediate confusion between similar sounding or looking letters Nice use of game to choose a person and ask the question Great use of kinaesthetic learning techniques Lots of positive praise and encouragement Need to get some new white board pens – some were not working well.

Students are

Students are “on” in Rabbi Sheryls Classes!

 Good use of questioning targeting specific students, moving around Excellent use of review process at the end of the lesson.   S. Higgs, Principal

Judaism comes to life for teens as well as pre-B’nai Mitzvah Students learning and playing with Jewish Spirituality Australia!  From Kids’ Craft Cafe for pre-schoolers to Hebrew and Heritage Kids’ Club to hands-on Jewish Experience (sometimes as sweet as apples dipped in honey and sometimes as somber as illustrating a day’s last butterfly gliding away) we engage kids in discovery and meaning-making.

Children are welcome to all JSA events, and child-care support can be organized for most events with a week’s notice.  We realize that every child is unique, and we’ll work with you to discover which of our programs and approaches may work best for your children.

High School Students Explore Architecture, History and Jewish Studies on

High School Students Explore Architecture, History and Jewish Studies on “Urban Camp”

We happily tailor B’nai Mitzvah learning to fit your children’s needs and abilities, ensuring that we provide a foundation for children’s Jewish Life Skills.

Youth studying with JSA arrive at Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations with genuine understanding built on authentic engagement in their Jewish Traditions.  Click here to contact us and find out more.

Courses available include Chumash, Commentaries, Midrash, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish Thought, Jewish Law, Jewish Spirituality and Zohar.

Small Change towards Big Change

Small Change towards Big Change