Multi-Faith Outreach

Many who seek Jewish Spirituality Australia do not come from “traditional” Jewish Backgrounds.  We may have been raised Jewish, but have disconnected long ago.  Perhaps we come from interfaith families or families with more distant Jewish Heritage.  We might be committed to a non-Jewish religion or spiritual practice, and simply want to better understand Judaism and its practices.  We might want a  Rabbi or Jewish teacher or speaker for a special class or event.   Perhaps we are not Jewish, but there is an important Jewish person in our lives – or we may just be curious.  Regardless, talk to Jewish Spirituality Australia–we can be of service to you in your exploration.

Informal Outreach to Teens and Youth

Supporting Habonim Zionist Youth Group JSA Purim JSA Gay Pride 2Participating in Youth Group events, Celebrating with Teens, Facilitating Young People in expressing their Jewish Moral and Ethical Commitments through acts of Social Justice and Tikkun Olam all make JSA a meaningful part of local youth and teen life.

The Multifaith Spirituality Exploration Group (M’SEG)

High School Outreach projects: The Multifaith Spirituality Exploration Group (M’SEG) and the “Season of Miracles”  

Developing Multifaith Connections - the More Understanding, the More Peace

Developing Multifaith Connections – the More Understanding, the More Peace

Through Seasons of Miracles, The Multifaith Spirituality Exploration Group (M’SEG) brings Middle School and High School Students opportunities to explore Miracles from a Multifaith perspective in support of the “Religion and Life Scope and Sequence” and the “WA Curriculum Framework 5 Clusters of Core Shared Values.”  Our programs are serious and structured enough to meet requirements of the Curriculum and creative and “crazy/quirky/cool” enough to make them unforgettable to students and staff alike!

In a 50 minute lesson students are engaged, challenged and uplifted as they examine religion in historical and contemporary contexts, investigate ritual practices in social expression and individual lifestyle and synthesize their own responses to the challenges of religion and spirituality in a multifaith, multicultural democratic society. Our Double Session Options reinforce and expand learning by incorporating living experiences in relevant cultural arts such as music, art, story-telling and dance.  Simple Question and Answer Sessions, also available to staff and students, may be of value in Professional Development.

In our Multifaith Programs, staff and students will discover multiple perspectives of key features of religion itself.  In December, for example, our focal feature will be “Miracles.”  Specifically, students will delve into the topic of Miracles as expressed through the Christian Traditions of the Nativity Story and the Jewish Traditions surrounding Chanukkah (sometimes called the “Festival of Lights”).  Other available programs which may be of interest in planning for 2015 include Forgiveness, Blessings, Theology, Prayer, Ritual and The Bible.

Franciscan – Interfaith Vocation Friar Brother Cledwyn (Brothers of the Cross) and Rabbi Sheryl Nosan (Jewish Spirituality Australia) created M’SEG to bring a message to learners of all ages and backgrounds:  the more understanding, the more peace.   They have taught students PK-Year 12 and have adaptations of their programme suitable for middle and upper primary students, junior secondary students, and upper secondary students.  They are both credentialed educators (fully registered) and can provide all required documentation.

To find out more or book a program with Brother Cledwyn and Rabbi Sheryl, please e-mail

Exploring  Misunderstood Jew- The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus

Based on the work of Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, we explore “the Misunderstood Jew.”  Join us in person or on Skype to engage with members of other faith-groups as you learn more about your own tradition in this facilitated interfaith discussion group.    Requirements:  Open mind, open heart, ability to listen and to share perspectives.

Rabbi Sheryl at the Australian Conference of Christians and Jews 2013 in Brisbane

The Australian Conference of Christians and Jews

Rabbi Sheryl  presented the following provocative paper at the October 2013 Australian Conference of Christians and Jews in Brisbane and add the following summary:

The (Not-So) Good (News From The) Samaritan

This “investigative report” from the road helps us reframe “otherness”in our society through the prism of the Samaritan Parable found in Luke 10:25-37. We encounter the Samaritan to discover when he became “good”- an adjective not used directly for him in the Scripture. We review “witnesses’ testimonials” to ascertain if alleged Jewish hatefulness was present at the scene of the crime. We pay particular attention to the unknown “other” – the voiceless victim.

Revisiting the story of the Samaritan helps us reconsider how we begin to KNOW Unknown “Others”. We ask if we are actually able to journey to Authentic Knowing. If we cannot, how, and how far, can we travel together on the road?  If you wish to see the Power Point presentation, just contact Rabbi Sheryl.