Hebrew Studies

The Hebrew Mini-Miracle:  If you want to learn the Aleph-Bet and be able to Read Hebrew FAST we have the program for you!  Learn to read Hebrew in just 5 Hours with Rabbi Sheryl.  Our Epic Vowel Adventure combines mnemonics, kinaesthetic learning and good humour enabling vowel mastery in 30 minutes or less. Employing an effective if unconventional approach, we progress through “letter families” focusing on the subtle distinctions between similar sound-symbols.   Attentive to nuances like the letter “Tet” having a “tear on its top and ‘saying’ T” we generally master “core letters” within three hours. Soon we’re combining letters and vowels, decoding familiar words such as “Shalom” and “Tel Aviv.”  Another hour and a half brings us to mastery of “twin letters” and “final letters.”  In our last segment, we realize we can decode the Bible’s first verse!  Enjoy private tutorial or join other students learning to read the first language of the Bible and Israel – and the first ‘dead language’ ever revived into a ‘living language’.  Find more details here: Flyer Hebrew Mini-Miracle.2.

Conversational Hebrew Discovery and Intermediate Conversational Hebrew: You have a basic familiarity with Hebrew Letters and vowels-you can’t wait to read and comprehend passages of prayer or bible or be part of simple conversation. These intermediate Hebrew Classes will provide reading practice and begin to build key vocabulary.  They will also introduces the basic “Building – Blocks” of Hebrew Words (composed of core roots modified by prefixes, suffixes and vowel patterns).  We’ll discover basic patterns of words and master the prefixes and suffixes which will become the stepping stones to our growing understanding.

Kids’ Hebrew Refreshers and B’nai Mitzvah Hebrew Boosts: Perfect for Kids picking up Hebrew Studies after breaks or holidays – our system is fun and functional – find out more by contacting us!

We also offer a number of mainstream options for studying “Synagogue Hebrew”

If Hebrew is brand new to you, or you can’t quite remember all the letters, this level is for you. Private and semi-private tutorial are available, as is small group learning with Rabbi Sheryl. Scores of students have joined me to learn Hebrew for Home, Temple, and Today’s Jewish Life.

We augment the extraordinary text, Aleph Isn’t Tough, with memorable mnemonics (to differentiate letters which look similar) and “Kung- Fu Kinaesthetic Learning” to master vowels. By the end of this 10 session course, even those brand-new to Hebrew will be able to read any prayer and will have a fundamental sense of Hebrew grammar. Students will complete the class with 50-100 vocabulary words and the ability to translate simply blessings and familiar passages from the Torah.

Aleph Isn’t Tough
Linda Motzkin, Hara Person
URJ Books and Music offers this introduction:
This is the first step in a program of Hebrew learning for adults with no knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet. It is designed for English-speaking adults who primarily encounter the Hebrew language through Jewish religious life–the prayers and Torah readings in the synagogue, the blessings and rituals of Jewish home observances, and words or phrases arising out of a Jewish cultural context. Adult students who utilize this text will be able to participate more fully in the Hebrew-language aspects of contemporary Jewish life. [Available new and used through sites such as Amazon.com]

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Are you a Hebrew Reader who wants to develop comprehension? Would you like to read and make sense of Prayers and Torah? If you already can read at any speed, this may be the class for you. We’ll develop confidence, fluency, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and analytical skills to take you to the next step of your Hebrew learning. Our exceptional text, Aleph Isn’t Enough, will be augmented with “Handy Hebrew Tips.” By the end of this 10 session course, you will be able to read and make sense of almost any prayer and numerous biblical passages. Your mastery of 20 core grammatical concepts and over 200 words will change your approach to Hebrew forever! Look out – your next step may be reading from the Torah…

Aleph Isn’t Enough

Linda Motzkin, Hara Person
URJ Books and Music offers this introduction:
While continuing with reading practice and writing exercises, Aleph Isn’t Enough provides additional exercises on which to build solid translation skills. As students solidify their reading ability, they will also enhance their vocabulary, increase their familiarity with roots, and develop their translation skills. With chapters focused on the Hebrew of the Sh’ma, the Amidah, the Torah service, and the Haggadah, this book builds an understanding of the cornerstones of Hebrew grammar. Alternative translations of basic prayers from a wide selection of different prayer books are provided as well.
– Large, clear Hebrew characters simplify reading
– Multileveled format following Aleph Isn’t Tough
– Includes supplementary enrichment material designed to increase the student’s knowledge of Jewish practice, history, and texts

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Conversation We use Israeli Ulpan texts to enable you to converse and engage in everyday activities in Hebrew.