“…and suddenly it seemed to get bigger than Ben Hur!” I shared my papassover panicnic with my brother.  “I thought 15 or 20 people would join us for our seders – not 40 or 50!”  “Yeah- that’s great – all those people, awesome!” he said.                  I realized he was right, after all, the Haggadah does say “let all who are Hungary come eat.”   But the authors of the Haggadah really didn’t know that in our current house the food in the back half of the oven gets burnt while the food in the front half is still nearly raw or that the cook top doesn’t actually ignite or that we don’t yet have a dishwasher in the kitchen. SO- I’m not going to panic – I’ll just turn the food around a lot and get another box of matches and get some new sponges ready.                                                    Then again, this Passover is showing us that there IS a need for progressive, inclusive, family friendly Jewish activities in Perth.  Passover is giving us the possibility of maintaining and even enhancing Jewish Spirituality Australia’s Community Programs.  Help us provide for those who are hungry for Jewish Experience by sponsoring a rack or two on a new oven (which can make matzah kugel for 20) or a couple of burners for a stove-top (to make gallons of matzah ball soup) or maybe the dishwasher cabinet (so we can have dozens and dozens of guests at Shabbat celebrations)!                                                                Contact me for more possibilities every “Prutah” (every penny) will help us offer more – I’ll just be at home waiting for your call or message and preparing for Passover!!  And yes, if you’re still looking for a seder, just let me know. 😊