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It’s nearly time for Passover – and we’re getting ready for a spiritual journey from darkness to Light.  Our inclusive, family friendly Seder is rich with spiritual insights and a seat is waiting for you at  Perth’s only Progressive “Chavurah” Passover Celebration.  We’ll meet at a lovely home in Winthrop at 5:30 pm on Monday 10 April.  Our Seder will begin at 6:00 pm.   Contact me for the exact address by 3 April.

The Journey from Darkness to Light: We’ll be a wonderfully diverse group and we’ll all learn from each other on this journey.  Please consider bringing a small item which symbolizes joy or spiritual freedom for you; it may light the path or suggest a new direction for others at our table and strengthen your own resolve in taking the next step on  your journey towards freedom.

How it works:  We all pitch in to create our Seder!  We create communal benefit and blessing by contributing to Set-Up, Sort-Out, Cook-Up, Serve-Up or Clean-Up as well as bringing or sponsoring food or beverage to share and contributing to support the communal costs as we value and can afford.  Just contact me to reserve your seat at the Seder. Space is limited- so be in touch soon!

Haggadot:  We’ll use The Internet Haggadah, which we can e-mail to you as an attachment.  If you wish to print your own, you are welcome to do so.   If you wish to pre-order a booklet copy from me, please send an e-mail by 3 April at 9:00 am and send $10.00 payment (with your full name and “Haggadah” in the detail window) to Jewish Spirituality Australia at BSB  # 036031  ACT # 305-194.

Beverages:  Grape Juice for the “Four Glasses” of the Seder will be provided, however if you fancy a particular kosher wine to complement your seder meal, you are welcome to bring it.

Seder Contribution Opportunity: Without financial support, Seders, Services, and Holiday Celebrations would not be possable.  Contributions for the seder help offset expenses and may be made by direct deposit to Jewish Spirituality Australia at BSB  # 036031  ACT # 305-194 (please include your full name and “Seder” in the detail window).  Alternativley you might bring cash payment in an envelope with your name on it, a box will be available at the door to collect envelopes.  We contribute as we value and can afford; waged adults generally offer $25-$50 each and $10-$15 per child enables us continue offering seders, holiday celebrations and special programs.

Please be in touch if you have any questions!  Chag kasher v’ sameach!