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A year ago we decided it was time to Pass…Over…to the other sides of Perth.  We’d been “South of the River” in Perth for four years, and as the kids were growing and moving into High School years, being closer to the Jewish Community felt important.  We began planning a move across the  river, to the “Jewish Corridor” (aka “ghetto”) of Perth. When I started packing my non-Passover dishes last March, I packed them for a full move, not a full week.


Let all who are hungry come and eat!

Passing-over is only the start to a journey…

A year later, we are in our new home– but plenty of those dishes packed a year ago are still boxed.  I’d forgotten that passing -over is only the start to a journey. We have a long way to travel – and a lot to fix -up in our new fix-er-upper house – before we are really out of the wilderness. While the plagues I face are really fabulous first-world problems, they are still burdensome.  Still, as I begin to re-pack for our transition to Passover, I unpack a keener sense of both leaving-behind and looking-ahead.  I appreciate again how our holidays can help us create Holy Days in the midst of what may be mundane.  Happy Pre-Passover cleaning – and let us know if you’d like a seat at the table for Passover in Perth this year!