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sukkot-2016I can’t remember the last time I spent Sukkot in the shelter of my parents’ home, love, sweet wisdom and caring.  Though I know it’s been ages, it feels like yesterday I was playing in the home-made wooden sand-box under the apple-tree and climbing up the pear-tree snipping off sprouts for schach.  For decades I served congregations through this holiday; for years my parents came to my sukkah where we took turns holding lulav, etrog…and babies.  Now  my “babies” lead the blessings and read a bit of Torah teetering on the edge of their “tweens.”  I sit in the sukkah’s shade between the generations wondering and wonder-filled, fragile, faithful and oh-so-grateful.  May the Sukkah of Shalom shelter us one and all.  Chag Sameach.