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These 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -called “Yamai T’Shuvah”  (Days of Turning ~Returning) are rich and deep with potential.  Trying to turn over the lasts year and years in our memories and our lives, we can turn again to those who surround us to re-align, refine and renew our connections.  Daring to dive into our hearts, hurts and  hopes, we might begin to smooth off some rough edges and turn on more of our potential.  I’m aiming to keep it simple as Yom Kippur nears –  I’m just practicing to bolster my Yetzer-Tov (Goodness) to pilot my Yetzer-Raah (Not-So-Goodness).  I’m confident this t’shuvah practice will be a turn for the better for my soul.       ****    TODAH RABBAH- Thanks to all those who made our New Year Celebrations at the Fremantle Shuel unforgettable! Well over twice our anticipated numbers celebrated Erev Rosh Hashanah in the Old Synagogue – please G-d, we’ll share many more joyous celebrations there!  By the way, if you have any pictures from the evening, please share!  Chatimah Tovah and Tzom Tov!