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israel-zmirkudiya-may-4-2014-yrnji6-clipartDANCING IN THE NEW YEAR: <Lifted by the lyrics // Floating with the phrases// Carried by the currents of the dance.> <Swaying with the circle// Flowing with the feelings // Gliding with the gentle guiding hands.>  <Ancient hopes and sudden hops// Turns,  returns, and starts and stops.><With pulse – so deep //our work- worn feet// spin cloud-light prayers joyous and sweet.>     Dear Friends – I’ve been having such fun with my favorite Israeli Dance Instructor Friend (M.G., of course) as we plan the evening of Israeli Dance for the Second Night of Rosh Hashanah – Monday 3 October 6:30 pm.  Please let us know if you will join us in the Old Freo Shuel History for Candles, Kiddish, and an evening of prayer-through-dance for the New Year.  Our dance selections reflect Rosh Hashanah themes such as gratitude, joy, memory, hope and yearning for peace of every sort.  Be sure to Book for your entry and also bring along a bottle of grape-juice or wine, some veggie nibbles/finger-food to share (perhaps made with apples or honey!) and a prayer in your heart for sweet renewal and blessing for one and all in the New Year!