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Posted on Facebook by our friends at Cafe 61- where 40 student visitors from Perth’s Cristadelphian School ordered Israeli food and more using Hebrew they’ve learned…from lil’ ol’ me 🙂

cafe 61 on woodrow added 2 new .Yesterday we had the primary school children from Heritage College come to the cafe for a Hebrew/Israeli experience. Mora Benn and her year 6 class came down to mingle with the children and enjoy scrumptious food from the cafe. A great day was had by all and such a fantastic way to embrace and learn about our culture, thanks to Rabbi Sheryl.
cafe 61 on woodrow's photo.
cafe 61 on woodrow's photo.
Sheryl Lynne Nosan-Lantzke

Sheryl Lynne Nosan-Lantzke Thanks to YOU CAFE 61! Our students LOVED the time they shared with you and the Carmel kids. It was awesome for them to use Hebrew in an authentic setting and fantastic for all the kids to play together. Can’t wait to bring our grade 7-10 kids next week!