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Thanks for good wishes, friends and family!  Fifty-one is feeling fine.  On my Birthday Shabbat, I especially enjoyed reading the Torah which so many of you contributed to as a 50th birthday gift – THANK YOU!!  It is such a joy to read.  As I do, I feel a particular connection to the unknown Romanian Scribe who set quill to ink and parchment time and again over two centuries ago.  I’m finding so much which is new as I read parashah by parashah in Hebrew and discover subtle – and not so subtle- points which I’d missed in English Reading or in Hebrew congregational chanting over these many decades…It is a JOY!

Of course, birthday wasn’t all Torah 🙂 !  Parcels and packages, cupcakes and fruit-plates, cakes and home-made croissants, Sculptures by the Sea with the family at Cottesloe, cards and candles and wonderful wishes all added to a great day.  Thanking G-d for the Blessing of Life and Love and Friendship, I continue contentedly towards the future.