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Happy New Year…I find myself contentedly enjoying the hours between Flowers Sept 15the last sunset of 2015 and the first sunrise of 2016. Last year brought more contentedness than I once imagined possible.  Weeks ago, I realized that so much of what I’d prayed for during the last decades has been realized in my life.  I no longer feel that professional commitments keep me “at the sidelines” of my children’s lives; with G-d’s help and DGL’s loving devotion, family-home-and-children are the center of my life. I can now enjoy work’s particular opportunities and challenges on the second rung  of my life and (generally) on my schedule and terms.

I also realize that decades of prayer for “brachah and shlemut” (“blessing and wholeness”) have been answered in the life I’ve been able to create.  With appreciation to the Holy One (plus no small amount of blood, sweat and tears) I now treasure a home and family in which brachot/blessings flow and the in which the ideals of shlemut/ wholeness/peace are present – even if not always fully expressed :-).

I’ve spent the last week nestled somewhere between my California Family, my Australian Time Zone and Heaven.  It is a dream-come-true to be with those so dear.  Decades have connected us, oceans now divide us and years slip by us between visits. Reconnecting in real time with family can mean rediscovering foibles and can mean some friction; for me it also  means foundational love.  It is precious to have amazing family on both sides of this globe.

So…I offer sweet appreciation to all those walking with me on this journey.  With sweet memories of those who made us who we are and with prayers that we can grow fully into our best selves, I wish you a New Year of well over 2,016 moments of joy, blessing and the ability to bring contentment to others.  Happy New Year.