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Female rabbis

Rabbis  A.Treiger, A. Eilberg, J. Tabick, S.Sasso and S. Priesand

I  just never imagined what the two most common questions I’d be asked during travels would be!  In the last two days of flights from Perth to San Diego (yep, that’s 31 hours of travel) the top questions (again) have been: [1] “oh- you’re Jewish – are you Messianic?’ and [2] “Oh – you’re a rabbi – is your husband a rabbi?”  While I firmly believe the questioners are curious, well-intended and

Photo from the Young Clergywomen's Project

“Young Clergywomen” (unknown- from achurchforstarvingartists.wordpress.com/2011/12/13)

interested in striking up a friendly conversation, I do wonder how often people who wear crosses are asked “oh – you’re Christian – are you Buddhist?”  or how often male rabbis, ministers, priests and the like are asked “Oh- you’re a religious leader- is your wife a rabbi/ minister/priest…?”    So, just for the record, Yes, I am a rabbi…and female; No, I’m certainly not “a messianic”; and NO, my husband is NOT a rabbi 🙂