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Sukkot with Nefesh, 2014

“To everything there is a season” as we learn in Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) chapter 3 – which we read during this Sukkot Celebration Week.  Sukkot is a time to shake things up – like the lulav.  Sukkot is a time to be stirred – like by the beautiful Geshem prayer that sustenance should rain down on all the world.  But sometimes, choices are not “either – or” but “both – and”.  For this sukkot, why not enjoy Martinis (or Mock-tinis”) Shaken and Stirred!  Join us for Sukkot Fun in St. James today, Sunday 27 Sept. 2015.  Drop in any time – Sukkah building starts at 4:00 pm, Blessings around 6:45 and Bring and Share Veggie Dinner around 7:00 pm. We’ll bring Lulav, Etrog, Torah and Mar/Mock/Tini makings to enjoy in the Moonlight.  You bring some branches or flowers from your garden,a friend, a song, poem, joke and/or smile to share.  All are welcome.  Contact us for full details.  Chag Sameach!