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Shannah Tovah – All are welcome to join us for High Holiday Celebrations…

Detail of 'Peasant Hanging out the Washing' by Berthe Morisot, 1881

Hanging Out for Rosh Hashannah

Hanging my laundry

In the weak end-winter sun-

Bear-feet on gritty stone.

Blessing fresh damp clothes

And sturdy pegs

Holding sure in the soft breeze.

Pleased much has washed away

And not too fussed

About deep set stains.

Seasons slip by faster now

And days disappear like lost socks.

I’ve little that needs ironing

And great appreciation for wrinkles

As signs of life lived.

Tomorrow will bring new loads-

But for now

I leave what I have

To sun and air

Confident of their gentle gifts.

                Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Lantzke

                Elul 5775