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Season of T'shuvah - Season of Slichot -  Season of Forgiveness?

The Hebrew month of Elul arrived with the new moon bringing us into the season of “Slichot” – sometimes described as the period of repentance in the weeks prior to the Jewish New Year.  For some, “forgiveness” is a key concern leading up to Rosh Hashannah, but what exactly is forgiveness in a Jewish context?  How do Jewish understandings, secular understandings and Christian understandings compare?  This and more will be included in our food for thought through our Shabbat Gathering tomorrow, 21 August at 6:30 pm in St. John, Western Australia.

All are welcome and free to drop in for song and prayer at 6:30, Shabbat -Bring -and- Share- Veggie- Dinner at 7:00 and /or dessert  at 8:00 pm. Contact us for details.  Shabbat Shalom!