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The Five Books of Moses and the Big 5-0 …it’s a natural fit in honour of my fiftieth birthday! And you can help make a wish come true by clicking here, as well as celebrating with me on Sunday afternoon, 22 March 2015 South of the River in Perth (contact me for details).

Go Fund Me Torah Flyer

Looking back, it seems clear that I’ve lived in Torah my entire life.  In my first decade, Torah shaped childhood joys.  It brought me to Jerusalem for Bat Mitzvah in my next decade.  Torah called me to Rabbinic Studies in my 20’s and guiding children, families, seekers and seniors to her paths through my 30’s.  As the 40’s draw to an end, I realize Torah is my life home; in it, my family now grows as we welcome others as all faiths, backgrounds and perspectives to discover new understandings and path-ways towards shalom – peace.

Today, my family offers Jewish Spirituality Australia  (JSA) and Rivka’s Bookshelf – through these organizations, we Welcome All to Explore Judaism, Spirituality…and Big Questions.  We share studies, meals, laughter and tears, sabbath, holidays and Torah Teachings.   Rivka’s Bookshelf is part of  JSA including books, videos, games and other resources to learn, celebrate, study and share.  My 50th Birthday Wish is for Rivka’s Bookshelf to aquire an actual Kosher Torah.

If my wish comes true, Rivka’s Bookshelf and JSA will have a Kosher Torah.  Gifted by your generosity,  the Torah will be at the core study, celebration, and building paths of peace with those of other faiths.  We’ll read from it regularly and it will play a meaningful role in helping Non-Jews better appreciate and understand the heart of Judaism.  Please G-d, we’ll use it on Shabbat, Holydays, B’nai Mitzvah and more.