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Honestly, I thank G-d for Shabbat every week.  From sunset Friday to three-stars time Saturday, I have 100% permission to “unplug” from the busyness of the week.  For me as a Progressive Jew, Shabbat is not defined by restrictions, but permissions. Shabbat gives me permission not to pursue gainful employment-tasks, not to do  house-work, chores or errands, not to respond to or read e-mails or texts; essentially Shabbat is the green-light not to do the “stuff” which can be burdensome other days of the week.

For me, Shabbat makes the time to do what I love – be with family and friends, eat good food, enjoy nature, quiet, prayer, song, exploring insights and wisdom of the ages and today.  Six days a week, I pay (some) attention to what I eat – on Shabbat I enjoy!  If the house is messy, rather than cleaning I thank the Holy One for a house and people I love who leave these fantastic messes because we have what-to mess with in our home!  As a Progressive Jew, I happily drive on Shabbat to enjoy Synagogue, family and friends (but not to the mechanic for a tune-up or to the shops for groceries – that I can do six other days of the week).

My nature needs Shabbat- or I’d feel complelled to keep go-go-going and clean-clean-cleaning and do-do-doing.  Shabbat offers the time for “less human do-ing and more human-being.”  It can make a full 1/7th of our lives holiday – and holy-day…and it is considered 1/60 of heaven itself.  It is described by the sages as a foretaste of heaven – so why not come have a taste of it this Friday (7 Nov) with the Nefesh Chavurah in Perth?  If you live farther away, get in touch and we can talk about bringing more Shabbat to you wherever you may be.

 Nefesh meets for Progressive, Egalitarian Shabbat Celebrations including song, story, prayer, and delicious dinner! Generally celebrating on the First and Third Friday evening of each Month, usually alternating between South and North of the River in Perth, Western Australia.  We gather for Service in Song followed by delicious veggie Bring and Share Meals.  All are welcome  for Services and Shabbat Dinner in Perth- just contact Rabbi Sheryl who will happily share details about our next gathering  7 November in Fremantle.  Join us 6:30-7:30 pm Friendly Egalitarian Progressive service followed by 7:30 pm Shabbat Dinner and “Food For Thought” -engaging discussion over coffee and chocolate after dinner and before shabbat songs!