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As yesterday faded, I was planting with the children in the little back garden.  Here in Australia, “garden” is what we Americans called “yard” – but ours is much more of a patio, in fact, with strips of ground just wide enough to plant all around the perimeter.  Aliyah wanted to start half a dozen veggies from seed and Micah has wanted to replant his blueberry-not-yet-bush for some time.  It was too late in the day to begin such projects – but we did anyway.

…and it all went beautifully.  and we talked as we moved dirt from the compost corner to the waiting blueberry-bush-to become-I hope.  and we dug around and got dirty and made holes in the ground and dropped in wishes-to-grow.  and the kids went in as it became dark as and when asked – miracles still in our world!  And by then the water for the pasta was boiling and it was quiet outside where I cleaned up and noticed the nearly full moon rising.

Sukkot starts with tonight’s full moon.  It’s called “Zman Simchatenu” – Time of our Joy.  The fullness of quiet joy in the soft brightness of  yesterday with a promise of growing brightness ahead may be the answer to so many prayers.  As the moon and the years’ cycles continue, faith, beauty and peace may grow together, even as the moon waxes and wanes and fortunes seem to ebb and flow.

May this be a Sukkot season of promise and peace with a sheffah- an overflow, of happiness in moments which shine, like the nearly full moon.

(Contact us to join us for the first night of Sukkot or anytime!)