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When I used to fly solo, when I longed for a lovely little family, I spent the day after Yom Kippur writing and writing in my journal. My day. Yesterday, with my lovely little long-longed for family, my husband and I enjoyed coffee and his home-made challah, I built a lego snow-board park with my son, started a necklace craft project with my daughter and cleaned both kids rooms with them. We took a friend to the airport then spent the whole afternoon at the Perth Kids’ Awesome Festival. I lost, a student; I gained a student, I talked to D till late. No Journal. Lots of Life…Today started with Yoga and Rabbi Shefa Gold’s chant (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3lcuzLjtDk).


"Unfolding Lives"

“Unfolding Lives”

.   Maybe I’ll journal in the sukkah – today I’ll chant as I go through the family’s day…