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“What IS Rosh Hashanah?” Many translate Rosh Hashannah as “The Jewish New Year”, but hidden deeper than the usual translation of “New Year”, the words “Rosh” and “HaShanah” convey a gentle, yet firm encouragement for this season of fresh starts.  “Rosh” literally translates as “head”; “shanah” translates literally as both “year” and as “change.”  The new you may emerge in this New Year through a single small change.  A bud emerging on a branch, in a sense, changes the entire tree; what will you nourish to grow or blossom in yourself as the New Year nears?                                                  

Celebrate with Nefesh! for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur Sukkot , Simchat Torah, Shabbat and the whole year through!

“Nefesh” is an amazing community of celebration, connection and education.  We explore Judaism from a spiritual, joyful, egalitarian progressive tradition.  We welcome all to join us in our expanding “Chavurah” (community of friends) generally meeting South of the River.  Again, we will host a broad range of Holiday Celebrations appealing to a wide variety of interests and age groups- enjoy one or two opportunities or be with us for all of them including:


Festive Friendly Delicious Meals Israeli Dancing Kids’ Club During Worship
Jewish Morning Meditation Family Friendly Setting Holidays in Zohar (Kabbalah)
Spiritual, Engaging Prayer Egalitarian, Inclusive Community Sukkah Building

Celebrate some or all of the Holidays with Nefesh, and don’t be alone for your holiday meals – be part of our inclusive festive gatherings – all are welcome! Consider your choices from our Holiday Opportunities and contact Rabbi Sheryl for details!

* Contact Rabbi Sheryl for Exact Addresses.  All are welcome to join us in Person in Western Australia and Skype participation can be arranged.