Hi All,

There have been several questions about the authorship of Sisters In Secrecy.   In fact, I am the author.  As a female rabbi, dozens of women – and to a lesser extent men- have entrusted me their stories of violated trust and decades of pain which followed.  Because of these stories, the communities I’ve served have been confronted with of  the abuse of women, children and men, in and out of family situations.  Every community I’ve served has heard reference to these matters and to issues of slavery, sexual slavery and human trafficking.

Esther is portrayed one of the likely thousands of girls, probably under 12, brought to the palace of Shushan for the King’s sexual pleasure and never allowed to return to home and family.   Remembering and retelling this part of her story, we may be able to remind those who have been hurt in our own communities that they are not alone and that like Esther, they have the potential to overcome and bring strength and salvation to many.

This Shabbat, as Passover nears (all are welcome to our community seder, details here), we’ll take time to consider slavery and sexual slavery which continues in our world today.  Those who wish to explore or discuss other matters raised in the poem are welcome to contact me.