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Secret Sisters- you’re not alone
I’ve lived your waking nightmares

We’re handfuls, hundreds, tens, thousands
Many Millions hardly hurt
Hardly heard
Hardly here
Hardly held in homes
In hidden holes
Unholy hoisted
From family friends false fiends
Ripped from our place in childhood
Thrust into secret chambers
Touched and stroked and rubbed
In strange oils
Virgins, initiated into the “ways of women”
Our will? Irrelevant to captors, guards, keepers

Weeks and months and years
Without word
Without words for what was
And was not
Sworn and swindled
Scared and scar’d to silent secrecy

Perhaps it was our poor Pur-Lot
But as our voice drowns Ha’man’s name
It can pronounce sinful the
States of Silence-
No response to sisters
Stolen, sexed, soiled, spoiled
With closeted skeletons
In plays and poems
Palaces and hidden places

Sisters- use my story- if not yet your own
Recall our silenced Shushan Struggles
Giving a gift of hope for healing
For the poor and pressed
A present in presence
At Purim