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Purim (the 15th day of the Jewish Month of Adar) starts at Sunset Saturday 15 March – it will be the best Purim Celebration South of the River in Perth and all are welcome!  What better night to sit near the beach, listening to waves, watching the stars, tasting pizzas, pilsners, perrier and probing the possibilities of Purim! Join us at Salt on the Beach, North Fremantle.  We’ll meet at 7:30 pm to enjoy the no host fare.  Chip in $10-$10,000 (or wear a costume and just chip in $5-$5000)  to help offset the graggers.  (if not the grog) and the Hametashen (if not the other hedonistic options available). Megillah, Margarita, Purim Pun-off, friends, fun, family… be part of it!

GOT LITTLE ONES?  Then you’ve got to get to JSA’s Purim with Puppets!  Also at Salt in North Fremantle- next to the indoor play area- 5:30-7:00 pm.  You Pop for the Pizzas, we provide the Purim Puppet Play,Face Painting, Balloon Animals, craft materials to make Graggers and finger-puppets and the hamentashen, of course. Again, $10 offsets costs.  Contact me if you can join us or if you want  more details on how to make your own Purim Celebration!