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As we prepare for International Woman’s Day (which coincides with Shabbat Vayikra this Weekend) we consider an oft-heard critique of the bible’s attitude towards women as “chattel.”  How would the Biblical Queen Esther – the orphan girl who survived pre-pubescent of imprisonment-grooming  as a sex-slave  to become a woman of courage, political savy and power – respond to this critique? Can Purim’s heroine help us resolve tensions between the bible’s non-responses to the sexual, physical and social abuses of females and it’s instructions and examples of praising, empowering and protecting women and girls?

Explore with us this Shabbat in Palmyra, or Skype in to join us.  Click here to get contact details, or join us in the usual Palmya venue at 7:00 pm Friday 7 March 2014 for Service in Song followed by Bring and Share Veggie Dinner and Discussion with Food for Thought…don’t forget the chocolate 🙂