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I’ve been “sea-ing” things differently this (Australian) summer.  Through the warm, clear morning waters of the Indian Ocean, I’m seeing the world and creation from a perspective  new and extraordinary to me. 

My friend picks me up around 6:30, while the day is fresh, new and quiet.  Soon we’re wading into the first gentle – yet teasingly chilly waves.  Then – the plunge!  Suddenly the water is warm and the world quiet.  Sun-streaks through the surface dance on the sandy sea-floor’s rippled surface.  Seaweed sways with me to the tempo of the waves as little fish dart about, over the sprinkling of rocks and white shells.

The air-bubbles floating up between my fingers with each stroke are shining “sephirot” spheres.  The moment and movement, vastness and immediacy is prayer in motions. Water psalms flow within and about – and I’m flying- not through clouds, but through the magical ocean.  Open eyed under the sea, I see again the blessing of pausing to celebrate moments in creation and be renewed.  

Genesis Rabbah xvii – ancient midrash- teaches us that Shabbat is a foretaste of the world to come.  Where do you taste its sweetness? How does peace, beauty and quiet enter your life?  Who will you travel with in search of nourishing your soul?

As always, Jewish Spirituality welcome you as a companion and friend.   Shabbat Evening Celebrations begin tomorrow, 7 Feb 2014, in Dianella, Western Australia at 7:00 (click here for more details).  A Shabbat Family hour in Dianella at 5:30 may suit some families more comfortably. Perhaps you’d like to Israeli dance with us in Delkeith this Shabbat Morning (contact me for details).  If you’ve been considering learning more about Shabbat, Judaism, Hebrew or conversion, drop me a note – the new semester begins next week!  L’Shalom, Rabbi S~