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I’m glad for these long summer (Southern Hemisphere) days of January when Shabbat comes in late.  I squeeze every moment out of the fading week grateful for the extra minutes and longing that much more for the calm which comes with “unplugging” for Shabbat.

Such a week.  I unexpectedly received the gett I’d first requested at least two years ago from a man who could no longer be my husband at least five years ago…All complex.  All good, really…really all really good.  It led to a poem.  Here it goes:

Gett It  By Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Lantzke, Ex-Agunah

I wanna’ gett – I wanna get …away from those memories, those hurts, those pains                                                                       I wanna gett – I wanna get… rid of the scars, the scabs, the arrows still let fly                           I  wanna gett- a get-away, a get-far and fresh and gota grip                                                                                   I wanna gett, get free and clear of broken promises, and dreams                                                                                                                 I wanna gett, get rida’ chains, of agunah of all-gone-now                                                  I wanna get the others free… of chains and shames – towards hope and peace

It made me want to help other agunot.  How odd.  A Female Rabbi Agunah.

Then my husband and I celebrated a friend’s wedding near the sea – imagine…

And then after the sun  had set, Mikva in the Indian Ocean- not far from our home.   Followed by Indian food (!) with my absolutely amazing husband (sorry, hun, but it’s true, you are).  Followed by feeling good.  new.  fresh.  Baruch HaShem.

And students, amazing beautiful, thirsty, intelligent, curious, searching, caring students are blessing me in unimaginable ways – and becoming friends.

The setting sun shines golden ff the roof across the park.  The breeze rustles palm leaves and gum trees and brings a hint of relief from the oppressive heat.  Red-orange-fire lantana arches over the little trellised entry to our good, sweet, solid little home, and I am ready to welcome Shabbat.

Next week – lots of new classes to organize (check the calendar -from Discovering Hebrew to “A Rabbi and a Pope Walk into a Bookshop” to a whole new series of Exploring Judaism Discussion Groups [appropriate for those considering Progressive Conversion].  We’ll have a gathering for those who wish in Denmark & Albany WA the last shabbat of January, I’m submitting a paper to an Interfaith Theology conference in Melbourne, Zohar students are increasing each week, holistic coaching continues – and my family and I feel blessed by it all.

But for now…Shabbat…

Shabbat Shalom. Peace my friends.  Thank  you for being in my world and my life.