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Jewish Spirituality Australia helps people answer big questions.  We’ll help you chart your unique path through spiritual traditions, teachings and texts as you discover greater meaning, understanding and connection.  We welcome all.

Join us as we wrestling with received rules and rituals, revitalize traditions for the times and seasons of our lives and distill ancient wisdom to help sustain our modern world. No one guides seekers through spiritual teachings and traditions like Jewish Spirituality Australia.

Through Jewish Spirituality Australia, you can Learn, Celebrate & Connect and Explore with Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Lantzke in person or by skype.  We can help you Discover and Develop Ancient or Modern Hebrew.   We can explore Jewish Teachings from Adam and Blessings through to Yomtoivim (Holidays) and Zohar. Share in Jewish Discovery Classes or Private Tutorials – the choice is yours and we’ll work around your schedule.

Our Nefesh Chavurah gathers for Shabbat and Holiday celebrations in the Progressive mode – enriched by Reconstructionist Sensibilities and select Orthodox Practices which enrich our egalitarian, eclectic, open community.  We support eachother through life changes and celebration and in learning towards Bar and Bat Mitzvah as well as learning towards conversion.

Outreach to those of Jewish Heritage is a cornerstone of Jewish Spirituality Australia, as is facilitating multiculturalism and interfaith understanding and collaboration.  We offer speakers, classes, seminars and workshops to educational, community and religious groups.

Through Rivka’s Bookshelf, a Hebrew and Heritage community supported mini-library, we support parents and grandparents in providing a firm foundation of faith, heritage, tradition and spiritual strength for the children they love.  We enrich families through Children-Friendly Shabbat Celebrations, World Cafe, and Kids’ Craft Cafe – and we hope you will soon enrich our JSA family!