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 Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg has been one of my meditation- and inspiration- coaches through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality for over a decade.  Amongst many meditation techniques, she has taught her students to “breath in” one quality, and “breath out” another.  In the Old Fremantle Synagogue as Yom Kippur day began, we adapted her teachings and merged them with Rabbi Jonathan Omar-Man’s exhortation to discover our deeper yearnings…and I discovered a new diet for the new year.

As I sought to breath in the blessing I most yearned for, I discovered a craving for greater gentleness.  As I probed the darker inner recesses, I realized the time has come to cut anger out of my emotional diet – cold turkey, er, um, tofu (I am a vegetarian, after all).  While I believe anger can be leveraged for clarity, change and growth, in this new year I’m ready to try leaping over the anger-phase and going more directly into the clarity, resolve, problem solving and resolution phase.  

I believe cutting down the anger will re-adjust the gentleness I long to breath into my life.  I already can sense the craving easing into a pleasant satisfaction and new sense of more wholesome fullness.  I think this is a diet I’ll stick to, because I know it will be sustaining.  Shanah Tova!